Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Perfect Purple Hummingbird ❤
Spring 2011
Fancy Brushes
Spring 2011

My first project with Kuhler colors. 
Fall 2010

Christmas 2011


Verbal and Visual


My Dandelion

The Colorful Butterfly

Ocean View Resort

Statewide award winning Wisconsin Student Government logo.

Stacy's Cupcakes ❤
Summer 2011 

Rainbow Tornado
Summer 2011

Red Cosmos

First freelancing job
Spring 2011

Neon Bubbles

Word bubbles of me. Not all the words have something to do about me though. First one I noticed was Greek. Sorry I'm not Greek!

Freelance work done for some friends.

Aqua Flowers
 Spring 2011

Verbal and Visual Synergy Advertisement.

Home Page

Product information page

Creative page

These are web pages designed in Graphic Design for Print - Branding class.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I made this on winter break.

Owl patterns created for Spoonflower.


I made this with Photoshop "brushes" last fall. This is not a photograph, it was created in Photoshop.
Final project in Image Editing class. 
Fall 2011

Poster project for the Graphics Club raffle. Took the picture of my daughter in the summer, background was taken last fall (of course). 2011

Duotone project for Karen Johnson's Image Editing class last fall.

This project was about the hair and changing the background color.

Photo retouching. Easy project for Image editing class last fall. Removed wrinkles on chin and nose. And spots on face.